At Antonietty Architects, quality is based on four key performance-related aspects which we place at the forefront of every order.  We must emphasize that the parameters by which we measure our performance, and by which our performance is compared, are the same for every building order.


Every building should have a clearly defined function.  The main aspects of this functionality comprise appropriate rooms that match the corresponding purpose, optimum classifications of use, traffic routes and infrastructures in addition to carrying out construction work of the highest quality.  At the planning stage of every structure, we carry out a thorough analysis of the requirements of the client and all functions to be fulfilled.


Every building should be appealing and convincing through both its external and internal form.
We not only consider “form” with regards to the criteria and dimensions of beauty but also with regards to a technical and perfectly skilled, precise construction, a design that matches the materials used and pays particular attention to detail.


Every building should be planned and carried out with all cost-effective aspects considered. This not only includes costs for planning, construction and terrain but also cost of maintenance and overheads. We would like to highlight that at Antonietty Architects we place great emphasis  on the adherence to costs and we make sure that our clients’ costs and budgets are always met.


Time has a double meaning for us:
Thanks to our optimum planning and coordination, we use the building time so that the building can be constructed at favourable costs and that deadlines can be met without compromising the Quality. A safe and long life – every building should be constructed in terms of material and technique so that it ages as well as possible and reaches a long service life in the best possible conditions in addition to offering value for money and adhering to the deadlines of the clients.

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