Architecture is art, be it for a new building, a renovation or a conversion which is surrounded by austere limits and at the same time having to deal with complex tasks.  It is a trade that goes back through the centuries on the one hand and a high-tech trade of today´s demanding lifestyle on the other.  Architecture creates an atmosphere and influences moods.  It is never without obligation.  It has to work and to fulfill its purpose.  Architecture is the result of a constant dialogue between the client and the architect.

Architecture is also always a cultural challenge for the improvement of quality of life in the broadest sense.  It has to meet high demands regarding function, beauty, safety, durability, economic efficiency, social responsibility and ecology. Architectural quality cannot be measured.  However, we always check our work over and over again. The best proof of that is our clients´ satisfaction.  Our passion is architecture in its total immeasurable complexity.

DSC_2333Interior design

Interior design enhances the architectural statement, creates an atmosphere and sets emotions free. It has therefore a clearly defined task. Be it in one´s home, in a waiting room or in a quaint restaurant, interior design can always find the right design concept to put existing or new buildings in a favourable light.

Architecture-team-planningOverall Planning

As the architects, we are in the centre of the planning and realization process.  The ever increasing complex challenges of building require specialized knowledge and superior management competence.  We collaborate with experts in all areas of planning and coordinate their work in the areas of construction, domestic and company engineering.  The client has just one single competent contact in case any questions regarding the planning arise.

A construction worker or foreman at a construction site with blue prints and a hard hatProject Managment

At Antonietty Architects, the structural workflow of project management is based on our consistent quality management.  The project manager therefore has the most state-of-the-art tools available to carry out projects inside the targets related to cost, time and quality. The ability to plan costs based on key elements permits us to provide the client with forecasts at an early date and in addition safeguard costs and time.

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